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Making our House a Home

The gracious generosity of our community has allowed us to begin turning our house into a home. We are still in need of many regular household items. If you have anything sitting around your home that you feel would be suited to ours, we are happy to take it off your hands. Our long list of wishes includes kitchen wares, hand towels for the bathroom, outdoor furniture for the verandah and garden. We need pot plants and garden tools, especially a mower as there is a lot of yard! The list is endless. If you have something you think we could use please click the link below. Send us an email with an image of your donation and we will contact you to arrange a time to take it off your hands.

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Building a Shop

Alternately you may have a over abundant supply of craft and art material that is clogging up your cupboards that you will never use and would like to maybe have a reason to invest in some new treasures. We are in the process of setting up a sustainable shop that will help to sustain our dreams. We have two wonderful volunteer co-ordinators that will make sure that your treasures become someone elses!

Click here fore more information our our shop: Haberdashery

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True Blue Tradies

There are times when we need someone who can fix something, build something or just someone who has the tools and brute strength that the job requires. If you are an electrician, plumber, carpenter, builder or an enthusiastic person with a ute, we NEED you! Expect a deluge of tea, coffee and home baked treats in return - and of course that great feeling of just lending a hand.

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help us make a community

The Nest aims to be a cosy haven for making personal connections in the community. To achieve this our not-for-profit organisation relies heavily on volunteers for its success. Volunteering is a work of heart. Everyone at The Nest is a volunteer. If you are excited to be involved in connecting and engaging with women and children in our community and want to be part of a supportive team we want you!

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Teen Mentor Program

The Nest has a mentoring program for young people.. If you are aged 15-17 and looking for some work experience on the holidays, this is an excellent opportunity for young people interested in gaining experience in tutoring and mentoring art and craft skills.

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Working Bee

Live every home, The Nest needs some up-keep and as the saying goes "many hands make light work," that's why we hold regular Working Bees. If you want to get involved with The Nest but aren't sure what to do, volunteering at a Working Bee is a great way to get involved while helping the community and meeting new people. Plus nothing beats tea and baked treats afterwards!

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Host a Party

The Nest has been built entirely by volunteers and donations. For our continued growth we are in dire need of financial support. If you think that the role we play in the community is important and significant, and would like to contribute in a tangible way, then why not organise a SHARE THE LOVE fundraiser for us!


A SHARE THE LOVE fundraiser is a social occasion. You and your guests will be immersed in an uplifting craft experience and enjoy festive food and drink at The Nest's beautiful, heritage listed home. It can be a high tea, a luncheon or maybe a BBQ. A SHARE THE LOVE experience is perfect for birthday parties. You decide what type of occasion your guest list would suit. You can also combine a SHARE THE LOVE fundraiser with any agenda your own organisation is involved with.


We have facilitators who can conduct a craft workshop for your guests so they experience first-hand the joy of making and the essence of The Nest. We can teach classes such as: Mandala Stone Painting, Basic Macrame, Polymer Clay Jewellery or you may have your own suggestion. The craft experience will take about 1.5 hours and will be part of the festivities.


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Invite your friends, family and your work mates.

2. Book out our beautiful heritage home for your exclusive use.

3. Experience a creative activity with festive food and drink.

We charge a base price to cover our facilitator and you get to decide how you raise money. We can help you and suggest the easiest fundraisers are selling tickets along with added activities such as raffles and auctions. The profits from your function are donated to The Nest.

Choose your catering. Organise your own, ask your guests to bring a plate to share or we can organise catering for you.

We will supply you with an invitation that you can send out either via email or print. Our volunteer Event Co-ordinator, Michelle, will even sort your payments and collate your RSVP lists making your SHARE THE LOVE experience even easier.


Most importantly, because we appreciate your support, we not only offer all hosts the opportunity to attend a craft workshop for free, but if a friend books a party, you can both attend one of our craft workshops of your choice at no cost.


To show our love, The Nest is holding an annual competition. Every SHARE THE LOVE fundraiser host will be in the running to win THE HOST WITH THE MOST competition for the most funds donated from SHARE THE LOVE!

Contact us to organise your SHARE THE LOVE fundraiser for your next social gathering.

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Gift Vouchers

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