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Bobble Birds Children's Workshop

Participants will make a creatively original bird of their own design from nylon knitting ribbon, pipe cleaners, base tile and feathers. Because the bird is ‘balanced’ when constructed, a ‘bobbing’ motion is made when touched or moved a little.

This workshop is suitable for children that have the manual dexterity to make a pompom, so it enables younger children to participate if they have this capability. Modelled after a realistic bird or a fantasy bird, each participant will be encouraged to use their own imagination to create a unique design. The process of making this bird will give each participant the ability to make their own ‘family’ of Bobbing Birds’ at home.

This workshop is suitable for children 8 years old and over. Parents will be required to sign a medical waiver when they arrive at the workshop.

What to bring
- drink bottle and snacks

What's provided
- all materials

Facilitator - Lisa Saul

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