Teen Sustainable Craft Retreat

The Youth Retreat is perfect for 10-17 year olds. Our sessions provide a basic introduction to design, craft skills and project management. Beyond the sheer fun of being in a creative social learning environment, project based craft is a fantastic way to prepare young people for all those assignments that both school and life will throw at them in the coming years. The retreat includes sewing, embroidery, crochet, jewellery design and printmaking. The class environment is similar to a club, and our heritage house is like a giant cubby house for youth.

As a community organisation we aim to make our programs accessible to all regardless of cultural or financial background. With that in mind we have a limited number of spaces available for teens to attend workshops free of charge in exchange for helping us out around The Nest house on a volunteer basis. To apply email thenestcommunity@gmail.com.


Vacation care is available from 9am-5pm each day of the retreat and includes the programmed workshop on the day. Contact The Nest for an information pack at thenestcommunity@gmail.com.