Craft Stalls

Each year we run a number of Craft Stalls in local shopping centres. The stalls sell craft items that have been made by our volunteers using donated materials from our Haberdashery. Items include tea cosies, crocheted tea towels, scrunchies, cards, bibs, aprons, and small gifts for Mother’s Day and Christmas.

The Craft Stalls are an important part of The Nest Community, especially for any volunteers who are not able to work in the Haberdashery. Within this group of makers, there is a sense of purpose when they continue to contribute and create homemade gifts using traditional craft techniques such as knitting and crocheting.

This year we also began selling products made by our students from The Exchange Project. The girls had such a sense of achievement that they were able to give back to the community that has supported them.

All money raised from the Craft Stalls goes directly to The Exchange Project.