Junior Volunteer Program

The Junior Volunteer Program was created in 2022 as a pathway for our girls who had completed The Exchange Project and wanted to continue to be involved in The Nest Community.

With the support of the Education Program Coordinator, our girls volunteer for two hours per shift. This usually takes place once a fortnight, on a Saturday morning during school term or on Wednesday or Saturday mornings during school holidays.

When volunteering in the Haberdashery, our Junior Volunteers learn important skills such as:

  • Cleaning the Habby – dusting, sweeping
  • Community and social connections – greeting other volunteers, making tea / coffee
  • Welcoming customers
  • Stocking shelves
  • Creating displays
  • Moving donations
  • Rolling fabric
  • Answering the phone
  • Taking photos or videos for social media

Our Junior Volunteers feel a sense of belonging to The Nest and are proud of the connections they are making within our community. Many recognise that volunteering at The Nest has helped them overcome shyness and isolation. They feel good, which in turn develops their self-efficacy, wellbeing, and resilience.

At The Nest we think we play an important role in encouraging the younger generation to learn the value of volunteering and connecting with older generations. For that reason, The Junior Volunteer Program is now open to girls from local schools who are completing The Duke of Edinburgh or Service Learning requirements, and have or currently are participating in our flagship program “The Exchange Project”.

Email seo@nestcommunity if you feel that your child may be eligible to find out more information about registering.


The Nest Community is a child safe organisation.