Sharing skills, passing down knowledge and creating social connection

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Community Value and revenue importance, 100% volunteer run

Our workshop program plays a key role in our vision to share the skills of handmade living and connect women of all ages through their love of craft. The revenue raised by our workshops is channelled directly back into our organisation, providing the financial support necessary to maintain our home, grow our community and achieve our mission. Led entirely by our dedicated and talented volunteers, our workshops provide women with the opportunity to experience affordable, nurturing classes which allow them to indulge in their passion for handmade living in a social and supportive environment.

We also provide youth workshops, designed to introduce them to the wonders of handmade practises, encourage intergenerational connections between them and our volunteers and to light their creative spark.

Learn new skills to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Learn to Sew

Fortnightly, Sat and Thur, 10:00AM

Boho Rag Rug Making

2nd Sunday of each month, 1:00PM

The Art of slow stitching

Sun, 26 Sep + Sun, 21 Nov 10:00AM

Needle Craft

Needle Craft

The Art of Embroidery

Learn to Sew

Boho Rag Rugs

Craft with a Machine

Garden Workshops

Garden Workshops

Learn to Crochet


Shibori Tie-dye

Coil Basket Making

Upcycle with Boro Mending

The Art of Embroidery

The Art of Embroidery

Crochet with T-shirt Yarn