Creative Workshops


Sustainably resourced with skilled makers in Brisbane

How our workshops nurture your inner creativity

All workshops offered by The Nest are led by volunteers who enjoy sharing their skills with Brisbane’s making community.

Our social enterprise, The Nest Haberdashery, resources all of our workshops with pre-loved, donated materials.

This allows us to provide low-cost workshops to anyone looking for a creative outlet or just some social connection and purpose.

Many workshop participants return regularly to The Nest because they appreciate the encouragement and support they receive from our experienced facilitators.


Upcoming craft and sewing workshops

What workshops we offer

Learn to Sew

Absolute beginners will learn the basics of machine sewing, making a small tote bag with our experienced instructors. 

We believe anyone can start sewing however we would recommend this workshop is suitable for ages 10+yrs. Class size maximum of 4 people.

Boho Rag Rug Making

Enjoy a crafternoon and make a Rag Rug that adds colour and comfort to your floor.

Popular during the Arts and Craft movement of the early 1900s and bourne out of thriftiness during the Great Depression in 1930s, the process is deeply relaxing and creative.

Yarn Birds

This is a social group dedicated to yarn.

Suitable for those that can already crochet or knit and wish to continue to learn, problem solve and meet friends with similar interests. 

You can book a multi pass if you’d like to attend regularly.

Learn to crochet

Practice mindful awareness as you master the basic crochet stitches. From blankets, clothing, bags or even placemats, crochet is versatile and adds colour and style to your home and wardrobe.

Make a coil basket

Create a beautiful coiled basket from your fabric stash, spare clothes or thrifted materials. Once you have the basic method you will learn how to incorporate colour with textiles (coiling), as well as how thickness and tension will influence your design.

The Art of slow stitching

From Mexican embroidery, boro mending and mindful slow stitching, there are many ways that you can express your creativity with needle and thread.

We have workshops suitable for beginners to advanced.