When women support each other, incredible things happen.


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A welcoming space for women to connect purposefully through the love of making.

A simple idea, yet one that means so much in today’s world. Our community provides women a place to find purpose, form relationships and experience endless support.
Our philosophy of ‘giving to get’ encourages the sharing of skills, creation of intergenerational connections and provides women an opportunity to become part of something bigger than themselves. So yes, whilst our purpose may seem like a simple one to many, its impacts are immeasurable for the women whose lives we have touched. Once you enter the Nest Community, you are never alone again.

Our Core Values



Handmade Living

What We Deliver


Our on-site Haberdashery Thrift shop provides the majority of our community’s funding And supplies low-cost resources for the broader community.


Our affordable workshops give women of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to learn new skills using traditional techniques to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Our Garden Group encourages women to enjoy the beauty and benefits of time spent amongst nature and to maintain the grounds surrounding our heritage listed home.


Our craft stalls are supplied with donations of handmade items celebrating the joy of creativity and making things by hand using reclaimed resources.


Our volunteer programs to support our social enterprise initiatives connect women from diverse backgrounds and ages to become a part of our community.


Our Haberdashery is generously stocked with your donated craft stashes and supplies aiding in the war against landfill. What we don’t sell we redistribute to other charity causes.

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Featured Initiatives

The Exchange Project

The Exchange Project is our flagship project which has started in 2021. This project will welcome young women from local schools into our community home, where they will be mentored by the Nest’s dedicated volunteers. These young women will be taught a host of handmade sustainable living skills, such as sewing, knitting, crocheting and gardening. With the growth of anxiety surrounding climate change, it is our aim to educate young women on practices that they can employ to live a more sustainable life, whilst providing a safe and inclusive space to foster confidence, build intergenerational relationships and founder friendships. Click here to support this project.

Garden Group

The Nest Community Garden Group works together on Thursdays and Saturdays to care for our beautiful backyard garden. In our garden we have a wide variety of plants, ranging from our beautiful native fig tree to our seasonal herbs which we grow together as a community. It is also home to our community chickens who provide us with fresh eggs and great company while we work in the garden. Sharing sustainable gardening skills and enjoying the Queensland outdoors and the social atmosphere of group gardening are some of the main things our ladies get up to in the Garden Group. If you’re interested in being a part of this initiative, head to our volunteer page to sign up.


We partner with other charities throughout Brisbane to supply them with surplus items donated that are not suitable for sale in our Haberdashery. This ensures that no material gets wasted, and allows them to use these donations to produce items for their cause. If you have spare materials at home which you are looking to rehome, bring them to us and we will ensure that they find a great purpose. Or alternatively if you have a cause that you feel worthy of receiving some of these resources contact us.

Craft Stall

We run a number of popup craft stalls throughout the year in Stafford and Brookside Shopping Centres. Showcasing goods made from reclaimed materials donated by our community members and staffed by our volunteers. Donating handmade craft is a great way to contribute to our organisation without leaving the comfort of your home, or if you are working full time. Contact our stall coordinator if you would like to participate – gladken@bigpond.com or show your support by visiting one of our stalls! Details regarding dates, time and locations are posted via our Nest Community Facebook page.

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