A thriving social enterprise built from dedicated community action


We are founded on three core values: community, sustainability and conservation


To provide a welcoming space for women to connect purposefully through craft


To be a resilient community built on unconditional giving, where people and resources are equally valued.

Fallon Cottage

Our journey began in early 2012, when our founders Roz Fenson and Jodie Behn were hosting Saturday afternoon group for their daughters friends called “The Craft Nest Project”, unknowingly sewing the seeds of The Nest Community.

Inspired by the power that the shared purpose of craft was having, as it created a community amongst the girls, providing them an outlet to express their concerns and a space to receive support and guidance from one another, the idea of a larger community dedicated to women of all ages began to grow.

By 2014, Roz had met with Rebecca Cason, founder of the Brisbane Brown Owls and together they realised that this dream suited an official association format. Later that year, this idea blossomed into a reality, as “The Nest Community” was officially founded, comprised of our 12 founding members ranging from 12 to 80 years of age.

By the year 2015 and with the support of local MP Tim Mander, they found a house and received a grant to cover their first year of rent, however their work was only just beginning. Working together, Rebecca and Roz facilitated over 100 workshops throughout the year in order to cover the overhead costs, eventually raising over $20,000 through their efforts to fund our community.

Everton Park

By 2015, with the support of local MP Tim Mander and a grant to cover the first year’s rent, The Nest Community was established in a beautiful heritage-listed home on South Pine Rd, Everton Park. However, as a grassroots, self-funded organisation they had to work out how to earn income to cover overheads.

Co-founders, Rebecca Cason and Roz Holt (Fenson), facilitated over 100 workshops throughout the year with the support of other volunteers. Over $20,000 was raised through their dedicated community action.

Having always used reclaimed or donated materials to minimise the cost of workshops, The Nest Community started being inundated with donations of textile resources, particularly from deceased estates where families didn’t want to just dump a precious collection.

Fitting with our innate sustainability ethos, reclaiming and selling these resources became the solution to our need for consistent revenue. The Nest Community’s social enterprise, The Nest Haberdashery started simply as a display on a verandah.

Thanks to the support of Wesley Mission, Roz accepted the position of CEO in 2019 and ushered in a new era when we became a registered charity, The Nest Community Ltd.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the haberdashery flourished as people looked for iso-friendly activities and worried about the cost of living. Our low-cost, reclaimed resources and subsidised workshops were a panacea to a chaotic world.

Due to the growth in textile donations, the haberdashery moved from the verandah to a refurbished, 30 sq mtr space under the house. Its reputation grew and became loved by Brisbane’s maker community as a treasure trove of preloved, reclaimed resources.

But with popularity came issues with storage, a need for more sophisticated sorting systems, demand for accessibility and administration support for volunteers. Our operations were now at a commercial scale, hosting over 200 women a week.

We’d reached a where-to-from-here moment.

Brendale 2024

The Nest Community brand has always been synonymous with a home style setting, providing people with an experience akin to visiting Grandma’s house. But our social enterprise, The Nest Haberdashery, required a commercial shed-sized space with easy parking and accessibility.

The non-negotiable was that it needed to be a space where women felt safe and we could run skill sharing workshops.

The universe delivered and Roz met property developers Doug and Jenny Fisher, Directors of Wattlerun. Doug and Jenny are passionate about creating communities with heart, built on ethical, inclusive, and sustainable principles that encourage people to gather, connect, belong, and thrive.

In September 2023, The Nest Community moved to The Sheds on South Pine Rd, Brendale and opened a Textile Recovery Centre with The Nest Haberdashery as its store front. With additional support from Wattlerun, the community also opened the Gladys Mary Studio to host our flagship skill sharing program, the Exchange Project.

We now host over 500-600 women per week as customers, program participants or volunteers.

The Nest Community Board

A group of talented women, with a diverse range of business and leadership acumen, help navigate the strategic growth of our community. Each has a commitment to our core values of sustainability, community and conservation and how we apply that through our various programs and social enterprise. Most importantly, they are passionate about making a positive difference by connecting women purposefully through craft.



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