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Who We Are

The Nest Community is a registered Charity funded through social enterprise initiatives. Located in our beautiful Everton Park home, we celebrate the social and wellbeing benefits of making by hand, sharing skills and empowering through creation.

Mission, Vision and Passion


Our Vision is to foster intergenerational connections by creating a resilient community of women and nurturing them through the process of sustainable living.


Our Mission Is to exchange the skills and knowledge of our volunteers with women seeking to learn and share through creative skills development. Our community provides a safe and supportive environment for women and girls to interact and engage with one another, and gives them the opportunity to build confidence and relationships through our community projects.


We are Passionate about the empowerment of women and the importance of coming together to create a community space dedicated towards social wellbeing, support and shared love of craft.


Our journey began in early 2012, when our founders Roz Fenson and Jodie Behn were hosting Saturday afternoon group for their daughters friends called “The Craft Nest Project”, unknowingly sewing the seeds of The Nest Community.

Inspired by the power that the shared purpose of craft was having, as it created a community amongst the girls, providing them an outlet to express their concerns and a space to receive support and guidance from one another, the idea of a larger community dedicated to women of all ages began to grow.

By 2014, Roz had met with Rebecca Cason, founder of the Brisbane Brown Owls and together they realised that this dream suited an official association format. Later that year, this idea blossomed into a reality, as “The Nest Community” was officially founded, comprised of our 12 founding members ranging from 12 to 80 years of age.

By the year 2015 and with the support of local MP Tim Mander, they found a house and received a grant to cover their first year of rent, however their work was only just beginning. Working together, Rebecca and Roz facilitated over 100 workshops throughout the year in order to cover the overhead costs, eventually raising over $20,000 through their efforts to fund our community.

Now situated in our beautiful, heritage listed Queenslander home and driven by a passionate staff of volunteers, our community flourished, and so too did the networks of support and relationships that we had formed along the way.

Over the past five years, our organisation has grown immensely. We have now provided over 700 affordable workshops for our community, and the time dedicated by our volunteers and supporters has resulted in over 200,000 hours of social connection and the formation of a proud, inclusive and empowered network of women.

We now look forward to our bright future, as we continue to provide support and social connection for women, share the knowledge and skills of sustainable handmade living and build upon our resilient community.

Our Management Committee

The Nest Management Committee comprises six genuinely talented women who are focused on the strategic growth of our community’s social enterprises. The common thread between these women is that they have built their careers and enterprises with sheer determination in the face of adversity. These women bring to the table a diverse range of business and leadership acumen, together with the skills and capability to advance our core values through our programs, services, and charity partners. And most importantly of all, they are passionate about making a positive difference for women through connecting with creativity and community.

Roz Fenson

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Toni Holt


Trish Holliday


Lisa Wilkinson


Mary-Ann Strelow

Margot McLay

Community Leaders

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

The backbone of our organisation is an extraordinary group of women who volunteer to work together to coordinate the massive machine that is required to manage our volunteer workforce. Their combined handmade living skills, leadership qualities and professional backgrounds make them essential leaders within our social enterprises and valuable facilitators in the delivery of our workshop programs. There are so many but here are just a few.

Maryanne Hambrecht

Volunteer Operation Coordinator

Cecilia Costa Gomez

Garden Group Coordinator

Kerry Curry

Haberdashery Shift Manager

Jacqueline Wilson

Haberdashery Shift Manager


Kay Byrne

Haberdashery Shift Manager

Lou James

Haberdashery Shift Manager & Workshop Facilitator

Mary Brady

Workshop Facilitator

Lynne Wynbergen

Workshop Facilitator, Vintage & Special Resource Advisor

Sharon Oldfield

Volunteer Haberdashery Leader

Trish Macdonald

Social Media Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator

Roz Fenson

Managing Director & Co Founder

Pauline Stockwell

Volunteer Sew Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator

Sarah Dally

Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

Gladys Foley

Craft Stall Coordinator

Corporate and Charity Partners

A Circle of giving.

Thank you to our friends that have helped us through our journey so far. We value everyone’s contributions no matter how great or small. As a self-funded entity, we are extremely grateful for the support we have received through financial donations, resources and service provision from other associations, local businesses, councils and charities to support the continuation and growth of our organisation and our ability to deliver a place for women to connect.

Our impact since we opened the doors of our community home seven years ago, has been immeasurable for the 10,000 women who have been touched by our services or participated in the 700 workshops that we have delivered.

But our work has only just begun. In a world filled with so much pressure surrounding climate change and global warming and mental health vulnerability. We believe our three core values as an organisation: mentoring, sustainability and handmade living can help bridge the gap between generations and build resilient and connected communities.

One out of three young people today will grow up without a mentor. However, those young adults who do find mentors are 55% less likely to skip school, are 130% more likely to hold leadership roles, 78% are more likely to go on and volunteer, and even better still, 90% of them will go on to become a mentor themselves one day.

We need people power and financial commitment from those who have the vision to walk beside us. When individuals act together, social change can occur. This year we are launching our flagship program “The Exchange Project” If you are interested in supporting us through funding or pro bono services please contact our CEO Roz Fenson to discuss how we can make an impact together.