About Us


Our Story or The amazing people, mission and vision behind our community

Our Mission

We honour our crafting heritage by coming together in a safe and supportive community space for women to share their knowledge and skills to create and produce handmade items using reclaimed resources.

Our Impact

Australians are creating more waste than ever, so we need to reduce both the rubbish that enters our environment and the waste we send to landfill.

Our social enterprise; The Nest Haberdashery, has saved over 64 tonnes of craft resources from ending up in landfill. We have sold enough reclaimed fabric in our Haberdashery to stretch from Brisbane to Toowoomba. We have delivered over 800 workshops to teach women how to embrace handmade living to upcycle these resources  and thus begun  to educate future generations of  an alternative to the cycle of consumerism.

In society we see many women of all ages feeling isolated and lacking social connections.   In our younger girls we recognise the impact that COVID-19, online learning, family instability, and difficulties at school have had on their mental health and emotional wellbeing.  We also recognise the high rates of self-harm and suicide in our younger generation, with 35% of young deaths being attributed to suicide ( source Australian Institute of Health & Welfare) .  Generational unemployment and homelessness also have an impact on youth.  For these reasons, we believe the mentoring in our safe space gives the students the opportunity to grow and break the cycle.  

In the past eight  years:

  • we have created 332,500 hours of social connection between women. 
  • we have delivered 800 workshops to teach over 4,000 women how to embrace handmade living and upcycle reclaimed resources.  This begins to educate future generations in an alternative to the cycle of consumerism and fast fashion and instils lifelong practices to support health and wellbeing.
  • over 100 students have participated in The Exchange Project.

As well, ten young people have joined the Junior Volunteer Program as at the end of 2022.  These Junior Volunteers are learning the benefits of volunteering for themselves and their community.


Our journey began in early 2012, when our founders Roz Fenson and Jodie Behn were hosting Saturday afternoon group for their daughters friends called “The Craft Nest Project”, unknowingly sewing the seeds of The Nest Community.

Inspired by the power that the shared purpose of craft was having, as it created a community amongst the girls, providing them an outlet to express their concerns and a space to receive support and guidance from one another, the idea of a larger community dedicated to women of all ages began to grow.

By 2014, Roz had met with Rebecca Cason, founder of the Brisbane Brown Owls and together they realised that this dream suited an official association format. Later that year, this idea blossomed into a reality, as “The Nest Community” was officially founded, comprised of our 12 founding members ranging from 12 to 80 years of age.

By the year 2015 and with the support of local MP Tim Mander, they found a house and received a grant to cover their first year of rent, however their work was only just beginning. Working together, Rebecca and Roz facilitated over 100 workshops throughout the year in order to cover the overhead costs, eventually raising over $20,000 through their efforts to fund our community.

We became established in a beautiful, heritage listed Queenslander home in Everton Park and driven by a passionate staff of volunteers, our community flourished as did our social enterprise, The Nest Haberdashery.

Despite the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic our haberdashery flourished and we soon outgrew our small 30 sq mtr space. In September 2023, as we near our 10 year anniversary, we relocated and opened The Nest Haberdashery and studio space at The Sheds in Brendale.

Our Board

The Nest Community board includes talented women, focused on the strategic growth of our community. Each brings to the table a diverse range of business and leadership acumen and the skills and capability to advance our core values through our community programs and social enterprise; The Nest Haberdashery. Most importantly, they are passionate about making a positive difference by connecting women purposefully through craft.


Chief Executive Officer / Co Founder

Trish Holliday




Jac Gallagher



Board Member

Lisa Wilkinson

Board Member

Our Operations Team 

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

An extraordinary group of women are the backbone of our organisation. Their combined handmade living skills, leadership qualities and professional backgrounds make them essential leaders and allow us to run our social enterprise; The Nest Haberdashery, deliver community programs and manage our studio space to encourage skill sharing from local craft workshop facilitators.

Maryanne Hambrecht

Volunteer Craft Stall  Program Coordinator

Kerry Curry

Volunteer Haberdashery Shift Leader


Jacqueline Wilson

Volunteer Haberdashery Shift Leader


Kay Byrne

Volunteer Haberdashery Leader &  Onboarding Officer

Lou James

Volunteer Haberdashery  Shift Leader

Mary Brady

Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

Lynne Wynbergen

Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

Sharon Oldfield

Volunteer Haberdashery Shift Leader

Roz Fenson

CEO & Co Founder

Pauline Stockwell

Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

Sarah Dally

Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

Gladys Foley

Volunteer Craft Product  Coordinator

Addy Taylor

Junior Haberdashery Volunteer

Monica Pattison & Gwen Bell

Education  &  Workshop Coordinators


Maryanne Gibbins

Volunteer Administration Officer

Christine Matheson

Volunteer Exchange Program Mentor

Barbara Landels

Volunteer Communication Program Coordinator