Haberdashery & Fabrics Thrift Shop

The Nest Haberdashery is a treasure trove of pre-loved, donated and vintage craft supplies in Brisbane. We are all guilty of having extra fabric, beads and other craft items stored in our cupboards waiting for the right time and the right project!

If you have excess haberdashery because you are down-sizing or re-distributing a deceased estate, don’t send it to land-fill. We would love to hear from you. Your donation to The Nest Haberdashery provides much needed income to The Nest Community, provides materials for our craft workshops and supplies more than 30 other charitable organisations in Brisbane.

Due to our limited space and resources, we have decided to specialise in fabric and yarn craft supplies and cannot accept the following items:

Paper craft items


Clothing or toys

Donations can be made during opening hours for The Nest Haberdashery.

Shop Hours

Wednesday 10am to 1pm
Thursday 10am to 1pm
Friday 10am to 1pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm