Our Story

The Nest embraces women and children from diverse backgrounds and ages to share skills, knowledge, art and love of creating. From our heritage listed house in Everton Park our team of mentors, workshop facilitators and volunteers provide a haven where we share love for community, sustainability and living in a handmade environment. The Nest: engaging, bonding and connecting women and children in our community now and into the future.


Our Team

ROZ FENZON: president


Roz Fenson's career spans over 30 years working globally in creative industries from theatre, film, television, events and toy design. Today, she operates a highly successful art practice and manages her husband's property maintenance business.

"The Nest embodies everything that I am passionate about. We are in a rapidly changing world where old values and traditions need to be revisited not to preserve the past, or to fight change, but to enrich the future for our children. The “handmade not manufactured” design revolution can be seen within the resurgence of the Vintage, Retro and Boho lifestyle and culture. Unlike previous generations, craft today, is not born out of a social and economic necessity, but from the need to find an emotional connection."

— Roz Fenson


Rebecca CasoN: secretary

Rebecca Cason has been working in the not-for-profit arts sector for almost 20 years specialising in arts management and creative enterprise. Always a maker at heart she runs her small business 'edward & lilly', is the organiser of the Brisbane chapter of Brown Owls craft group and volunteers her time to a number of arts, cultural and community service organisations.

"My creative practice focusses on skill sharing and producing work for my handmade business edward & lilly. My goal is to increase my use of sustainable materials and methods one step at a time and to inspire others to do the same. It’s important to support authentic handmade wares and I love sharing my own creative skills through workshops and providing socially inclusive opportunities for people to get together and make."

— Rebecca Cason



Kym has worked in administration and office management and through her volunteer work at the nest can now combine her skills of administration with her passion for being creative. She enjoys a variety of crafts as long as she can somehow combine them with beading.

"being able to make things has always been part of my life. i have also discovered the power of being creative to help with healing and well being. a great quote that describes this well is that craft is a "little space to collect onself." the nest has inspired me to create things in a more sustainable way."

- kym adams

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