Our Philosophy - Human to Human 

The Nest community embraces handmade living to support the well being of women and children through social enterprise initiatives, and the creation of public homes, gardens and studio spaces to build resilient and connected communities. We believe our philosophy will provide a pathway to develop social resilience to address the issues that our women face with regard to domestic violence and mental health issues. Our philosophy is relationship focused rather than service provision focused.  

What volunteers bring is the human touch, the individual, caring approach that no government, no matter how well-meaning and well-executed, can deliver.
— Edward James Olmos

The Nest philosophy draws from the principles of "Craftivism" in that it embraces the social capital benefit of collective empowerment, action, expression and negotiation. "Craftivism" advocates engagement in the social, preformative and critical discourse around the hand- made art is central to its production and dissemination. "Craftivisim" is built on human- to-human relations.

There is a growing need to connect with the material world, in a more truthful and honest way - people are longing for more sensitive and down-to-earth experiences. The Nest is centred on ideas of environmentalism and sustainability. When buying new materials, we choose organic fabrics and fairly traded products such as home-spun yarns. Yet, even more popular within our organisation is the utilisation of vintage, local suppliers and produce, thrifted and re-purposed goods in order to minimise waste and promote reuse.

Our Community

The board

The board is comprised of a group of professional women all with a desire to build and support an organisation for women and women's issues.

Roz Fenson - Founder

Rebecca Cason - Founder 

Sally Lewis - Chair

Pauline Smith - President

Trish Holliday - Treasurer

Kathy Watson - Grant Writer

Paige Donaghy - Member

Gladys Foley - Member

Diana Briscoe - Member

CommitTee leaders

Gladys Foley - Volunteer Manager
Lisa Saul - Workshop Coordinator
Lisa Wilkinson - Marketing Coordinator
Lesley Williams - Boomerang Bags Coordinator



The Nest is supported by wonderful team of over 50 volunteers that work tirelessly each week to keep our doors open. We are always looking for new friendly faces to join our amazing team. If you are able to donate time on a regular or  ad-hoc basis we would love to meet you. 

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